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Children Study

Our goal is to support children facing challenging circumstances in achieving their educational aspirations by providing them with assistance and resources.

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Animal Welfare

Our Ekta Foundation wants to help people who have poor economic conditions and their animals like cows, buffaloes are sick and cannot afford medicine.

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Animal Dependency

People who have only one cow or buffalo in the house and the whole family depends on it and if that animal dies accidentally, we will bring a cow or buffalo to servive the family.

Best AI Training Center Gujarat

Best AI Training Center Gujarat, Ekta Development, is a premier institute specializing in Artificial Insemination training. With a keen focus on enhancing the skillsets of individuals, we provide a robust curriculum that integrates theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. Our state-of-the-art facilities, expert mentors, and industry-oriented approach, make us a go-to choice for AI learning in Gujarat.

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